Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here's a few things I've bought recently - 

Free Clinique Gift with Glamour Magazine

It's Glamour's 10th Anniversary and to celebrate they have teamed up with Clinique and are offering a choice of 10 free Clinique products with every magazine. I chose the red lipstick but I'm thinking about going back and getting the eye cream too as I've heard good things about it.... 

The lipstick itself is called Rosette and has SPF 15. It's a nice colour with gold specks running through it that would flatter everyone.

Lancaster Infinite Bronze Sunlight Make Up

I got this set of Lancaster make up in TK Maxx. The RRP value of all three products was £60 and I got them for £8 which was a very nice bargain! 

First is the Lip Variations duo. There's a red cream lip colour and a pink gloss and you also get a pretty good lip brush. I LOVE the red colour, it's really highly pigmented and the formula is nice and creamy. You can wear it as a stain which is what I've been doing or really go for it and have bright fire engine red lips!

The pink gloss is also quite highly pigmented, it's basically a slightly more pigmented tinted lip balm. The colour is a nice bright pink that's wearable and peps up the face.

Lancaster Star Dust Sparkling Powder Trio

This is a trio of powder highlighters which you can use on the body too. It comes with a white colour, pale yellow gold colour and a light bronze so any skintone can use this. It's quite glittery which is slightly disappointing because I would like a highlighter to be less glittery so it looks more natural. The colours are still nice though and there's no reason why you couldn't use the powders on the eyes.

Lancaster Face Luminizer

This is a tinted moisturiser that makes you look glowing and healthy. The colour is a good colour match for me and the cream sinks into the skin nicely and quickly. The colour very similar to a Nars foundation shade called Gobi.

I am always apprehensive about putting creams on my face which aren't noncomedonic or hypoallegenic because my face breaks out easily. I will definitely keep this and use it on others though as I think it's great.

Top to Bottom - Tinted Moisturiser, Pink Gloss, Red Lip Cream, Clinique Rosette

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream

 I bought this as I wanted an eye cream but didn't want to spend a lot on one. This was about £3 in Superdrug and I've used it a couple of times so far. It feels a bit chalky and is a bit difficult to rub in...but I will review this after a while of using!

The Pink Cow Vanilla Biscuit Shower Gel

I think I have found my ''HG'' shower gel...

I spotted this AMAZING shower gel in Boots. It's paraben free which is great for us and the enviroment, you get 500ml (usual shower gels are 250ml) and it smells good enough to eat!!

What attracted me first was the ammount of product you get and that it was on offer for £2. It's normally just over £3 I think. They have other ''flavours'' but I decided to get the Vanilla because I adore vanilla. It smells exactly like it's name and reminds me of when you're making the base for a cheesecake and are crushing up digestives and butter!

Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray

I love salt spray for adding texture and volume to my hair as it's naturally quite straight and sleek. I like to wear my hair messy most of the time and had been meaning to get some more spray.

I've only ever used the Vo5 one and so I decided to get this as the packaging is lovely and to see if it's better than the Vo5. It has a really nice sweet vanilla smell to it. I will review this and let you know how I get on!

So that's my haul ladies.. I would like to say a big warm welcome to the new followers that have subscribed to my blog this week! xxxx


  1. Hmmm the shower gel looks yummy! I wish we had this brand in Canada too! I'm currently burning a candle that smells of vanilla biscuit LOL.

  2. The The Pink Cow Vanilla Biscuit Shower Gel sounds amazing - definately going to be checking that out :)
    really lovely post!! x

  3. The red lipstick looks gorgeous! I would love to see how the salt spray turns out =)

  4. Ooh let me know more about the eye gel and if there are any others you have tried as my eyes are abit dehydrated lately and I'm on the hunt for a good (cheap) one too xx

  5. Gaby: oooh I bet your room smells delicious! Haha

    R May A: thank you, definitely check them out cause they're so good!

    Vida: there will be a salt spray review :)

    Rachy: I'm going to review the eye cream pretty soon, to be honest I'm not that impressed with it so far!