Friday, March 25, 2011

Totally Teal NOTD

I recently bought No7's Totally Teal nail varnish with my £5 off voucher at Boots. I have been wanting to get this colour for a while now and I find No7 polishes to be really good. 

I never wear blues or greens and always tend to wear safe colours like reds and purples but I like this colour and thought I'd try it out.

The camera makes it look quite blue but in real life it's more of a greener shade.

What's your favourite colour to wear?


  1. Ooh what an interesting color, very pretty! I think my favorites to wear, but not my most worn, are light pastel colors, specifically one by sephora by OPI, havana dreams.

  2. I love teal shades, I nearly bought the e.l.f one but I find their polishes a bit watery. Let me know how you get on with the Liz Earle x

  3. Vida: I remember your post about Havana Dreams, it looks like a really lovely colour :)

    Zoe: I've never tried any of the ELF polishes but they don't sound very good! Also welcome to my blog :)


  4. Such a pretty color! Right now I am loving pastels. Light blues, greens, you name it! xo

  5. I agree pastel shades are lovely, I picked up a nice pastell-y turquoise the other day x