Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LUSH Happy Hippy Review

I bought Lush's Happy Hippy shower gel back in January. I was after a shower gel which would leave my skin nice and clean, and I also wanted to get away from using chemicals on my body.

It's got lemons and grapefruit in it which gets rid of grease and dirt in the pores, which it did very nicely. I found that it left my skin feeling really smooth and soft as well. 

It foams up to a nice creamy lather, and you only need a small amount. You can buy it in 3 different sized bottles and I opted for the 250ml which lasted me about 6 weeks. Next time I will get the 500ml although it is quite pricey at £9.95.

I would prefer Lush products to be cheaper or at least a lot larger, but because they use fresh and natural ingredients they're bound to be more expensive than all the other brands out there.

I don't have any complaints about the packaging, the bottle is nice and when the product is nearly all gone it's not difficult to get out of the container like some other shower gels.

I really like this shower gel and would recommend it, will definitely be re-purchasing.

PS- You can now buy online at Lush again. Their site was hacked into a couple of months ago and was down for a while but I was on there today and they have PayPal now so your details will be safe :)


  1. I am using Olive branch at the moment, but I want to try all the different lush shower gels!

  2. Hmmm lemons and grapefruit... must smell yummy! Everybody is always talking about Snow Fairy and It's Raining Men, and I don't think I have heard about this one before.

  3. I have been wanting to try this shower gel!!
    Sweet blog :) going to subscribe