Friday, April 8, 2011

MAC Pinch Me and Fleur Power

 Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of interesting posts! I have just started my new job and so I've been really tired and working late nights. Today I have a day off though and thought I'd tell you about my latest MAC purchases.

I ordered a couple of blushers as I've been wanting to get some nice blushers for ages. I love the range of colours MAC have and their products never really fail me or wear off through the day.

I decided to get a blush that was more on the pink side and then a peachy coral colour. It took me a while to narrow it down but here's what I got - 

MAC Fleur Power (left) and Pinch Me
Fleur Power is a pinky coral satin formula and a really lovely blush. It's my favourite of the two beacuse it's really highly pigmented and I love how this makes me look glowing and healthy.You can really build this up or apply only a wash of colour. This looks good with a whole load of make up looks.

MAC Fleur Power
Pinch Me is also gorgeous. It's a sheertone formula so you get a completely different application from this. I love the colour, it's a dirty peachy coral without being too dark for my fair skin. This gives a sunkissed healthy look and really warms up my face. I can tell this is going to be a summer staple.

I plan on doing a few more face of the days using these products so you can see how they look on.

Also a welcome to my new followers :)


  1. You have honestly made the BEST two choices of blushes.. These are really great blushes with really great finishes..

    I keep going back on forth on Fluer Power.. I have too many blushes and I keep thinking that I have a similar colour.. But Fluer Power is just really gorgeous.. I just might give in and go grab it =P Also sort of battling between Fluer Power and Apricot from Bobbi Brown.. We'll have to see which one wins soon..

    As for pinch me, it has become one of my favourtie blushes for real.. Such a unique colour.. Not too pink and not too peachy.. Just perfect.. Love this blush..

  2. I really want to try fleaur power it always looks so pretty :)
    Great picks, I wear pinch me all the time!! x

  3. Ah I wish I could have all the blushes by MAC. These are so pretty, can't wait to see the FOTDs =)

  4. wauw amazing! i want to buy pinch me and fleur power so thank you very much!