Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few bits: Lily Lolo Minerals, Rimmel Shake Up Pink Lipstick

I love mineral make up, and buy mine from English mineral make up company Lily Lolo. So far I only have mineral foundation & concealer from them and wanted to try out a bronzer and blusher.

  • I ordered South Beach which is a light matte bronzer and Clementine blusher which is a peachy-pink.
South Beach Bronzer £12
Clementine Blusher £7


  • A sample of Star Dust shimmer powder, which is a mineral highlighter. Samples are £1.25 each

  • Another sample of Nude Cover Up, which is a concealer one shade darker than the one I am using at the moment, as when I go on holiday I will be needing a slightly darker shade

  • I also got a sample of Lily Lolo's Blondie foundation, which is also the next shade up from the foudation I normally use
Star Dust Shimmer Powder  (left) Blondie Foundation  (right) Nude Cover Up  (bottom)

I also thought I would show you the Rimmel Shake Up Pink Lipstick I mentioned in my last post!

With full-on colour...

...and sheered down for a natural pink lip

I really like this lipstick and will be wearing it a lot!

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