Thursday, November 11, 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now

This is my first ever favourites post!

But let's get right down to it...

Products I'm loving right now are....

MAC Eyeshadows- Vanilla, Era, Arena & Brown Down
  • Vanilla really brightens my eyes up when used all over the lid & in the inner corners
  • Era is a nice taupe lid colour with a nice sheen to it without being shimmery
  • Arena brings out the blue of my eyes
  • Brown Down is a great warm, matte brown good for socket work & adding definition. I use this along the lashline most days.

St Ives Body Scrub
As you can see I have practically finished it!
  • Smells divine and leaves my skin so smooth...
Hush Cream Colour Base from MAC

  •  I love this product, I use it on the top of my cheekbones as a highlight but also all over my eye lid, gives a nice peachy shiny eyelid. Doesn't stay on the lid for long though & creases. May try setting it with a powder to see if that works!

Estee Lauder Projectionist Mascara

  • I have been using this for about 2 weeks and really like it. It gives natural looking lashes but lengthens and defines them beautifully. Doesn't smudge or flake off- love it.
Barry M Blusher in No.5

  •  This coral blush really warms up my skin, you can vary the depth of colour building it up to a bright coral. It doesn't cake at all, blends in so easily that it could be mistaken for a cream blush! It lasts all day on my skin & think it's fantastic value as I bought it for around £3 or £4.
Natural Collection Lipstick in Sand Castle
  •  I bought this over a year ago, so it could be out of date, who knows! It's a really nice sheer, natural pink which is pretty much the same colour as my lips. It peps up my complexion and is a nice creamy formulation. Not bad for £1.99... You can buy Natural Collection at Boots in the UK, and all of their products are under £1.99 (I think). They are also fragrance free & not tested on animals, hence the name Natural Collection!
Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers
  •  They curl like no other! That's all I can say... and the curl lasts all day!
MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder
  •  This is a white powder which when applied to the skin becomes translucent, no trace of white at all. It's so finely milled you don't look like you have anything on your face, yet it smooths out my face making my pores dissappear and controlling my shine! Love it. 
Bach Rescue Remedy
  •  I sometimes can get stressed and anxious... as I'm sure we all do... this chills me out nicely!

Barabra Daly Eyebrow Pencil

  •  You can get Barbara Daly at Tesco, this is the first of her products I've tried and so far like the brow pencil. It's a good colour for my very fair brows. 
MAC Harmony Blush

  •  I use Harmony to contour everyday, it's a matte powder blush and a nice warm brown colour which suits my skintone nicely. I bought this after Tanya Burr  reccomended it for contouring. I also use this as a bronzer sometimes and bring it onto my cheeks and forehead to warm my skin up!
Blistex Relief Cream (sorry it's blurry!)
  •  I pop this on at night time to moisturise my lips as they get quite dry sometimes. It helps with cold sores & chapped lips...does what it says!
    What products are you liking at the moment?


      1. I do love the body scrub, but if I want to treat myself I buy Clinique's body sparkle. xx

      2. The Barry M blush looks amazing! I wish we had it here in the states =(

      3. @ Hannah- I had a sample of that once & it was amazing :)

        @ Vida- aww that's a shame, I'm surprised Barry M don't sell in America!

      4. I think I am going to have to go and investigate the Mac Prep & Prime I am on the hunt for the perfect powder! x x x

      5. Definately go for it, it's the best powder I've used :) x

      6. Agh no way we have so many procust loves in common - I am obssessed with the st Ives Apricot body scrub, I used the rescue remedy spray for my driving test and am after an El volumising mascara and the powder you use only the MUFE HD one. I'm also very attracted to era and arena and own vanilla, brown down and hush colour cream base. check out my new post I've decided to kickstart my blog into action, mostly inspired by this post!! xx

      7. Ohh wow! Haha I feel very special now ;)
        The MUFE powder is on my wishlist! I heard it's a mineral powder, so could be slightly better than the MAC one, as MAC's has corn startch which can cause breakouts in people... I have very break out prone skin though & this hasn't affected me... everyone's different I suppose! xx
        ps: just read your post, glad to hear we will be having more posts from you :)

      8. I've heard such good things about the mac prep + prime. I really wanna try it!:)