Friday, February 11, 2011

Disappointing Products!

The title says it all really, here are some products which I have found to be disappointing and not live up to expectations!

  • First up is Revlon's Powder Blush in Tawny Peach
This gives off hardly any colour at all, and it's not easy to blend. You might as well not wear any blush at all because it will look the same!

  • MAC's Carbon Eyeshadow
I love MAC eye shadows but this is a real disappointment. It's a matte black but I find this really hard to blend, and when you blend it out it goes patchy and grey. I would love it if it was a creamier more pigmented eyeshadow.

  • Another Revlon product... This time it's their matte eyeshadow in Aubergine
I really like the colour of this shadow and that's why I bought it. I dislike it because it's the same as Carbon by MAC, can't blend it properly and it's nowhere near pigmented enough.

  • Finally we have Lily Lolo's Mineral Matte Finishing Powder
I had high hopes for this product to keep my skin nicely matte throughout the day, but it doesn't! It minimises the look of pores well but gives me a 'dewy' finish because my skin is so oily. I still wear it a lot and just blot with tissues because I like that it's a mineral powder that I know isn't going to break me out. Be wary of applying too much though as it can look slightly mask-like and cakey.

So those are my disappointing products... which products do you find to be a disappointment? 


  1. Great post. I have a few products that I really regret buying - will have to do a post on them!

  2. Honestly, Revlon is always a hit or miss for me which is why i religiously swatch their products before buying them.
    I will actually illegally open them up and just pray God forgives me because really I'm doing all these other people a favour by letting THEM swatch the product too. It's ridiculous how great the colour looks and how unfabulous the colour pay off actually is. :(
    Have a great one! x

  3. Those posts are always interesting. Sorry those products disappointed, though )=

  4. @ Vida- Thank you, I look forward to your post :)

    @xNTA- Yes I find their powders to be really disappointing but I do love their lip glosses!

    @Gaby- Thank you :)