Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lumie Clear Natural UV Light Treatment- Week 2+3 Update

Hi everyone, I've decided to do my Lumie Clear updates every two weeks and so here is week 2 and 3!

I've noticed my skin is generally a lot clearer, still getting hormonal breakouts which are inevitable really however the Lumie really reduces them a lot in size and redness and they are clearing up a lot faster. 

The Lumie seems to dry them up, not in a horrible way but they seem to shrink in size the next day after using the light.

I'm really happy to see that the product is working. I'm not having any ''commitment issues'' with it and am still using it for 15 minutes on each area I want to treat. I find doing it while I'm watching the TV works well. 

So that's my update, short and sweet! 

If you have any questions just comment below...

For more info on the Lumie you can read my post about it here.


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this, but it seems rather fabulous. The UV light might be great for those of us who suffer from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) as well due to lack of sunlight. :) I should definitely look into this!
    Have a great one! x

  2. @ xNTA- yes I definitely agree! I think Lumie do alarm clock type lights for people who find it difficult to get up on dark mornings etc too :) I'm a big fan of UV light treatment x