Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Bag + Tiny Accessories Haul!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been posting as often, I've been really busy as well as ill!

I went to a party last weekend and my bag got completely ruined which I wasn't very happy about... but every cloud has a silver lining.... because I found this!

It was reduced from £25 to £10 at a shop called Internacionale... I don't think they have many shops around the UK, but it sells fast cheap fashion. Similar to Primark I guess. It used to sell really tacky clothes but they seem to have changed recently and are selling better better clothes... selling all the trends of the moment kind of thing.

I love the colour and the studs... and I'm a big fan of suede (not that it's real suede of course!). It's huge too! I actually prefer it to my old bag which was just a boring black one. I wouldn't have bought it at £25 though, I think that price is way too high especially for a shop like Internacionale!

While I was browsing for a bag I spotted some nice jewellery which was going cheap in the sale. I'm a sucker for jewellery!

Decided to get these two pairs of earrings... They were £1.50 each

So that's my mini haul for you... take care! :)


  1. loving the bag and earrings :)
    thanks for sharing!!x

  2. I love rosebud earrings! Nice purchases =)