Saturday, February 12, 2011

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation Review

I bought this last year in Bangkok Airport on the way back from holiday. I wanted to try NARS products and also wanted a foundation so I opted for the Sheer Matte foundation.

NARS also do a Sheer Glow foundation which is for less oily skin types, but as you all probably know by now my skin is really oily so Sheer Matte it is for me!

I have it in the shade ''Gobi'' which I think is the lightest shade. It is an almost perfect match for my skin. I would say it is a yellow toned shade, but the foundation is so sheer that even if it was slightly the wrong colour for you, you could easily blend it in and make it look okay.

Sheer Matte in shade Gobi
As I just said the foundation is very light, but I like that as it gives a really natural finish to the skin. I wouldn't say it's very buildable as whenever I have tried it cakes. The foundation also dries rather quickly so you have to work quite fast with it.

I find the only way I can apply it is with my fingers, if I use a brush or anything else it doesn't seem to adhere to the skin and looks really strange.

As for keeping my face matte well it sets nicely matte, but I still get very shiny and have to blot. And if I don't powder the foundation just slides off my face.

The packaging is nice and classy. It's a frosted glass bottle with a rubber lid. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have a pump which would make application a bit more hygienic and you wouldn't waste as much product.

All in all I like this foundation if you are after a very sheer, natural foundation, but if your skin is oily like mine I wouldn't rely on this to keep you matte.

I hope to try more NARS products very soon, have you got any favourites?


  1. Great review! Sounds like something I'd like to get.
    I love sheer foundations that make my skin feel like it's SKIN but evens out skintone. I'll have to check this out!
    Have a great one! x

  2. I use Sheer Glow and I absolutely love it! It's a pretty watery foundation, and doesn't cake easily. For me it doesn't really make my skin "glowy" so even though I have combination/oily skin, it still works =) Great review!

  3. Great Review - I have only ever used Sheer Glow and for obvious (oily skin too) reasons didn't like it! Try the Estee Lauder double wear light, that stuff doesn't budge! It is not as sheer as the Nars Sheers glow so use a wet sponge or foundation brush for a sheerer application! Works really well and no powdering needed! x

  4. @xNTA- Yes I agree, can't stand foundations that are mask like! :)

    @Vida- That's interesting, I'm glad it works for you :) I'd like to try Sheer Glow just to see what it's like! It sounds like a really good foundation :)

    @Janaina- Thank you, I've seen Double Wear Light before and it's always looked like a good founadtion... sounds promising on the ''matte'' front too!