Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Favourite Nude

I have been wearing Honeylove lipstick by MAC as a nude lipstick for a while now, but yesterday I was getting ready and decided to wear Rimmel London's Nude Delight lipstick. I bought this before Honeylove, and at the time thought it looked too fake and the colour didn't look right on me, but yesterday it looked really natural and lovely on my lips, and preferred it to how Honeylove looked.

Rimmel London- Nude Delight

Honeylove has a pinker tone to it than Nude Delight, which is peachy-er. The only problem I have with Nude Delight is that it doesn't stay on like a MAC lipstick. As soon as I have a drink or something to eat I have to reapply, whereas my MAC lipsticks stay on throughout all that!

Nude Delight (with flash)

Despite this, Nude Delight is my new favourite nude and I'll be wearing it most days, definately recommeded for pale to medium skin tones!

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  1. I'm looking for a nude. :) Will pop into Boots and check it out. x