Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lumie Clear- Natural UV Light Acne Treatment

Lately my skin has been acting up a bit due to the weather. I was trawling the Internet looking for new treatments and stuff, and I remembered about the Lumie Clear which I saw in Boots in the January sales.

Lumie Clear is basically two LED lights, one red and one blue. The blue kills the bacteria in your skin and the red helps reduce and soothe inflammation.

It's rather pricey at £152 at Boots, but you can get it for £149 on the Lumie Clear website and a bit less than that on sites like Amazon.

I decided to invest in one, and bought mine from Boots as I got 2000 bonus points on my card if I bought it which translates into £20 on my Boots card- happy days!

I've heard before about how UV/LED lights can be used to treat all kinds of skin complaints, but before hearing about the Lumie Clear I'm pretty sure this kind of treatment was only available in places like Harley Street clinics in London, so it wasn't easy to access and would have been hugely expensive.

What attracted me to the Lumie Clear was that it is a natural way to treat acne, so I could stop using the creams from the doctor which while they work, the also dry my skin out and cause me loads of hassle. So while the Lumie is pretty pricey, it's more of an investment because you'll be saving on all the acne creams and treatments you buy.

Although my skin has been pretty good for nearly a year now, I still get the odd break out and as I said before my breakouts have started to become more regular the past few weeks due to horrible winter weather. 

I find that when I go on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, or when it's summer time here my skin always improves. This is down to all the sunshine and heat we get, and the Lumie Clear is sort of mimicking that sunshine because it's using the same light we get in the sunshine.

Lumie, with the very sexy goggles provided! 

It comes with a stand as you can see... so you don't have to hold it. 
Or you can take it off and hold it like this...(I prefer this way)
You're to use this for 15 minutes on each area you want to treat, once a day depending on how far away you're holding it. For example if you're holding it directly on the skin, you only have to use it for 15 minutes, but if you're wanting to cover a bigger area you'll have to hold it slightly further away so the light can stretch to cover the area. They say if you're holding it 4cm away from the skin to use it for 30 minutes. 

It comes with a 15 minute timer which starts when you turn it on and goes off 15 minutes later, so you don't have to worry about checking the time. I also like that you can use it to treat anywhere on the body.

So my Lumie Clear arrived last Wednesday and ever since I've been using it everyday, sometimes doing it once in the morning an again in the evening. 

The areas I'm treating are my cheeks and chin and my chest. I've already noticed that a small breakout on my chest has cleared up extremely quickly, so that's good news. 

I've decided to do a weekly update and let you all know how I'm getting on. 

I'll update you on Wednesday! :)


  1. Can't wait to se how you get on with this!! x

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  3. so did this clear up you skin