Tuesday, December 28, 2010

French Manicure Tutorial

Hi everyone,  I hope you have had a lovely Christmas!

One of my presents this year was a french manicure kit... And so on Christmas Day I gave my mum a manicure, taking a few pictures along the way.

I thought I'd make a little tutorial for you!

1- Apply a base coat and one or two coats of polish, leaving to dry.

2- Once nails are dry, put the manicure stickers on the end of the nails, leaving about 5mm for the white tip.

3- Apply the white polish on the tip of the nails, and leave to dry. Don't remove the stickers yet!

 4- Once nails are dry, remove the stickers and apply a clear top coat all over the nails.

And voila! There is your french manicure...

Hope you've enjoyed! 



  1. Hi Hannah! I hope you had a lovely Christmas! :) Great tutorial, I paint the pink on, then I get my bf to do the white bit. I just can't do it! :S I'll give it a go!

  2. Hey thank you, hope you did too :)

    ahh good luck! I couldn't do it without the sticker guide things to help me! x

  3. Great post =) I used the stencils in the past and they just didnt work for me. You make it look so easy!

  4. hi, great tutorial. I get the stencils with the nail polish and when i run out of stencils i dont wont to buy the whole set again obviously , but i was just wondering do you know where to buy the stencils by them selves?

  5. Hi Emma, sorry I don't know where you could get the stencils as mine came with the French Manicure set. I'm sure if you searched online or on E Bay you would find them though :)