Friday, December 10, 2010

Moisturise Me, Moisturise Me!

My skin is really dry at the moment due the cold weather outside and then coming into central heating! So I have decided to share my favourite moisturisers with you.


The Body Shop Coconut Shimmering Body Butter & Spa Wisdom Polynesia moisturiser.

I got these two products as a gift for Christmas last year so I don't know if they are still available, but they are both really moisturising products and smell lovely.

The Shimmering Body Butter is as you have probably guessed, shimmery! But not in an over-the-top way, it has just the right amount to make you 'glow' nicely. I love the smell of coconut this has and it always reminds me of being on holiday. I use this on my legs quite a lot and it moisturises them really well!

The Polynesia Moisturiser comes with a pump and smells like flowers. It's a nice smell and is also very moisturising. 

I use this on my legs too but you can use it everywhere (apart from the face).  I only moisturise my whole body if my skin is really dry.

Superdrug Aqueous Cream and E45 Endless Moisture

At the moment I am using the Superdrug Aqueous Cream to help with my dry skin. It's fragrance free and is great for sensitive skins and people with eczema and other skin conditions.

This isn't greasy at all and manages to keep my skin constantly moisturised all day, and doesn't take ages to sink in when applying. I had a dry, flaky chest (lovely, I know!) this morning but applied this and my skin is not dry or flaky any more.

On the tub it says you can also use this in place of soap when showering. I really recommend this moisturiser for anyone with really dry skin at the moment, it's completely fragrance free and won't irritate your skin!

I used the E45 Endless Moisture in the summer on my legs. I got the Daily Radiance version, which has shimmering particles in, although you can just get the original moisturiser. 

I found this to moisturise my skin nicely and not be greasy at all.


I have changed my daily moisturiser from No7 Day Sorbet to Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel- and I am in love with the stuff! I will be writing a rave review very soon.

The Boots Expert Sensitive Restoring Night Treatment is a really good night cream, it sinks into the skin really quickly and isn't greasy, but moisturises and actually restores!

I recommend this to people with all skin types who want nicely moisturised skin. It's also fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skins!

My lips are so chapped at the moment and Blistex Relief Cream heals them really well. I pop this on at night and by morning my lips are back to normal!

I use Carmex Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm during the day and find this provides a good barrier between the cold and my lips. It's also SPF15 and smells delicious! I used this everyday on holiday too.

Do you have any favourite moisturisers?


  1. Ooh I really want to try the clinique dramatically different as I currently need a good day time moisturizer.

    I wonder if the blistex relief cream is the same as the one I talked about, just marketed differently in the UK. Either way blistex is amazing!

  2. Yeah it looks like it's the same stuff but with different packaging! I definately recommend the Clinique moisturiser, it's amazing :) x

  3. aghhhh All hail the clinique dramatically different moisturising gel :-) - I'm also loving the Olay complete care multi-radiance daily illuminating uv fluid in the combination skin type, they also do a dry one i think.. it melts into your skin. xx

  4. Ooh I used to use Olay, but it made my skin a bit too oily. My mum uses the UV Fluid though & loves it! xx

  5. Omigod the body shop coconut body butter looks sooo nice. I love the body shop ^^