Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Make Up Brushes!

Above is my make up brush collection.

I like to use all my brushes, and so I have a small but practical number of brushes because I don't see the point in having loads of brushes which are never used!

Although I am sure I will collect many more brushes as time goes on...

I thought I'd share my favourites and the ones I use every time I get ready.

Top to Bottom-
  • Ruby & Millie Stippling Brush- This brush is really soft and lovely to use on the face. Usually used for buffing in liquid foundation, but I use this for applying my bronzer as it picks up a small amount of product at a time. I also use this for my loose powder and blending bronzer and blusher together to get rid of any harsh lines.
  •  EcoTools Blusher Brush- Also a nice soft brush, I use this for applying blusher, but I also occasionally use it for buffing in my mineral foundation and loose powder.
  • MAC 109- I love this brush, MAC brushes are by far the best I have tried so far. It was made for contouring and I used this for contouring when I first bought this, but now it's my foundation brush and I buff in my mineral foundation with it, as well as using it for applying blush. Other people use this to buff in their liquid foundation, but I have heard this can damage the quality of the brush and makes it shed a lot more. My brush hardly sheds a thing, but when you first buy one until you wash it a few times it will shed quite a bit.
  • EcoTools Concealer Brush- This is a really smooth, soft brush and applies concealer really well. I use mineral powder concealer and use this to place my concealer
  • Unbranded Eyeshadow Brush- I bought this brush in a place called Home Bargains which we have here in the UK. Although it's an eyeshadow brush, it was the shape of brush I was looking for to blend in my concealer after placing it with my EcoTools brush, and it does the job well!
  • MAC 217- I have two 217 eyeshadow brushes from MAC, and use one for my under eye concealer. It's the best way I have found for covering my dark circles without making it look like I have concealer on!


From Top to Bottom-
  • EcoTools Eyeshadow Brush- this is a flat brush and I use it for applying shadow across the lid, highlighting the brow bone and applying shadow on the lower lash line. It's a really good size brush, not too small!
  • QVS Eyeshadow Brush- This is pretty much the same as the EcoTools brush above, but it's too small for my liking so since getting the EcoTools brush, it has been downgraded to applying shadow on the lower lash line!
  • MAC 217's- The best brushes in the world! So soft, pick up just the right amount of shadow and are brilliant for socket work and blending. Love them! Definitely worth the money.
Angled Brushes

From Top to Bottom-
  • EcoTools Angled Brush- I use this on my eyebrows, as the brushes aren't stiff enough to apply liner with for me.
  • MAC 208- Love this brush, I use it for eyeliner and on sometimes on my brows. Great brush!
  • Ruby & Millie Angled Brush- I use this on my eyebrows too, and it works well. Find it difficult to apply eyeliner with though, could be the size of the brush as the MAC 208 is a bit smaller.


  • MAC 204- I use this to groom through my brows after filling them in, so they look more natural. I also use this to comb through any mascara clumps which may have appeared, and you can also use this as a mascara wand so great for when applying make up on other people.

A few tips for brushes- Make sure you wash them regularly with warm water and shampoo. It's best to leave them to dry flat, so no water goes into the brush, damaging the bond between the hairs and the brush handle. I leave mine to dry on a towel, then store them standing up in a large china glass.

So those are the brushes I use... Do you have any favourite brushes?


  1. Nice collection! I just recently upgraded my main eyeshadow brush to a MAC 239 and I have to say it is well worth it! I also really like the brand Essentials...but I think it might be hard to get in the UK.

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  3. @ Vida- oooh, the 239 is on my wishlist! I think MAC brushes are amazing x

  4. I'm loving my newest editions the 188 and the 109. I'm after the dome brush but it's expensive at £35 - perhaps as a treat next year xx

  5. Ahh yeah the dome brush looks really good for contouring...definately one to save up for :) x

  6. Hi lovely, no they don't I am afraid. I think they did one, but it got discontinued. :( x