Friday, January 28, 2011

Clothing Haul + Revlon Lip Gloss Rave!

I haven't bought many clothes lately, I seem to be spending money on make up and skin care products instead. I did however go shopping on the day after Boxing Day for some things, and I also got a couple of tops yesterday. So I thought I'd do a little clothing haul as I've not done one in a wee while!

I also want to rave about two Revlon lip glosses I got yesterday after reading Chic Geek's post about them. I'm absolutely in love with these glosses and that's quite a big deal for me as I don't actually like lip gloss!

Firstly though I'll show you some things I got in the sales-

  • Denim Shirt from Internationale

  • Floral Hook & Eye Dress from Peacocks- 
I've been wearing this a lot, it wasn't in the sale but I loved it too much and paid full price, which is a very rare thing for me to do! The sizing is quite dodgy though, it's a size 10 but is still too big for a size 10.

  • Blazer from New Look
This was a bargain at just £7. I've been after a blazer for a long time and it's a really good fit.

  • Stripy Basic Tee from Internationale
  • Embellished Playsuit from New Look
I love this, wore it for New Years Eve but I will also be wearing this a lot in the summer with gladiator sandals. It's great for nights out and was another bargain at £9!

Now onto the Lip Glosses....

Left, Lilac Pastelle, Peach Petal

I bought these after reading about them on Chic Geek's blog. They looked irresistible and I'd been looking for a decent nude gloss and also a lilac lip colour for quite a while. 

I don't really like lip glosses because I find them to look quite tacky when they have glittery particles in them, which most of them do. I also don't like the smell most of them have or the sticky texture. It's very annoying when it's windy and your hair sticks to your lips too! That's why I usually wear a lipstick and if I want to make it glossy I'll put a clear lip balm over the top. I've found that most brands (apart from higher end brands) have a very limited and not very imaginary range of colours either. 

That's what attracted me to these Revlon glosses. They don't have any glitter in AT ALL and are the exact colours I'm looking for.

They do a lovely bright coral colour as well but I couldn't afford to buy all three so I will have to wait to get that one. 

They're just the right ammount of sticky to stay on your lips but not feel horrible, have just the right ammount of colour and I love the packaging, it's really classy. 

They smell really good too, like vanilla, chocolate and marshmallows! Most glosses I've used actually smell like vomit to me, I'm not even joking! I had a Rimmel gloss which was meant to smell like oranges or something but it was awful and to me it smelled like sick...

Lilac Pastelle
Peach Petal
The nude is gorgeous. It's peachy but not too peachy, and I can see it working on any skin tone. It's not too pink or orange- just perfect!

The lilac is really lovely. You can build it up to be a full on lilac if you want to which would look amazing on darker skins, but it looks a bit strange on me! I think this colour would be amazing with 60's style eye make up.

I am so happy I've discovered these glosses, and thank you to Chic Geek for blogging about them! :)


  1. Lovely purchases. I really want to get those lipgloses too now!

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