Thursday, January 6, 2011

LUSH Goodies

My Lush order finally arrived today, so here's what I got!

Glorious Mud body mask, Cosmetic Warroir face mask, Happy Hippy shower gel & they gave me a free sample of a pre-wash hair conditioner.

You can use this on both your hair and your body, and it has grapefruit and other citrus-y things in. Smells really nice and fruity!

This mask has tea tree, garlic, kaolin clay, free range eggs, grapes and honey in. Despite this strange mix of ingredients this has quite a strong smell of tea tree which I quite like. It's designed for oily and troubled skins.

H'suan Wen Hua Pre-wash hair moisturiser- This is a sample which came with my order. It doesn't have any instructions or information about the product apart from a list of ingredients. It contains bay leaves and smells quite strongly of them, I quite like the smell and in a way it reminds me of a strong smelling bread sauce!

Glorious Mud body mask

This has a really sweet vanilla smell to it but I am finding it a bit sickly! This is a body mask and also exfoliates so I'm looking forward to using this.

I will let you know how I get on with these products! Have you tried any of these?

Also a big welcome to my two new followers! xxx


  1. gorgeous haul :)
    I'm a huge lush junkie but I haven't actually tried any of these things - let us know how you get on with them!! x

  2. R May A- I've only recently discovered Lush & i'm pretty hooked! If they're any good i'll definitely be doing reviews! x

  3. I'm slowly starting to get addicted to LUSH ! Not sure if it's a good thing though...

  4. GABY- Yes I know... it could be a rather expensive habit! x

  5. have tried all of these prudcts (i am a huge lush addict) and i love the smell of Glorious Mud body mask, bit messy to use and store though. Cosmetic Warroir face mask works well for me too :) x

  6. Rachy- Haha yeah I tried Glorious Mud last night and it got everywhere! I don't mind though cause it seemed to do a good job :) x