Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring/Summer Make Up Trends for 2011 & Coral NOTD

I've been flicking through some magazines recently and the Spring/Summer make up looks this year seem to be quite 70's, with neutral brown smokey eyes, nudes and corals. But at the same time acid brights are in too so there's something for everyone.

Bright corals (images from Google)
Neutral eyes and soft lips
Acid brights at Christian Dior  

I really like the neutral/coral trend as I tend to stick with neutrals anyway and I love coral... So I am loving this years' make up!

I like seeing acid brights on other people but just not on me. If you're looking for some inspiration, Nic at Pixiwoo has recently done a really good acid brights tutorial- watch it here.

Another good thing about the neutrals/coral trend is that I have a lot of products for it in my make up bag already! I've picked out some things I'll be wearing this spring...

My MAC Athma Palette from the Mickey Contractor collection arrived the other day- it's the first time I've ever bought anything from a MAC collection. This is a really nice wearable palette and has a couple of nice shadows which are great for neutral eyes and aren't overly sparkly. The other two colours are a dark reddish brown & a matte black

I especially like Jaan (above) and Vivah (below)

I'll also be wearing MAC shadows (left to right) Era, Arena, Amber Lights

Era is a nice neutral with a lovely sheen to it, Arena is a good peachy colour and Amber Lights is a daring shimmering gold/orange, which looks similar to Vivah in the picture, but Vivah is more brown

Barry M coral blusher & MAC Hush CCB for peachy glowing skin.

Peachy pink, nudes and coral lipsticks

(left to right) Rimmel Tell No One, Vasaline lip tint, MAC Shy Girl, Rimmel Nude Delight, MAC Honeylove

  • Tell No One- a bright, long lasting coral
  • Vasaline Lip Tint- gives a sheer flush of pink while moisturising your lips
  • MAC Shy Girl- a new lipstick which I got along with my Athma palette, it's a lovely peachy/pink nude colour
  • Rimmel Nude Delight- a nice sheer nude although it doesn't stay on very long
  • MAC Honeylove- a matte nude, can look too heavy and dark on me so I sheer it down and use lipbalm with it

Today to escape from the dull wintery weather I painted my toenails in a bright coral from Barry M. 

I used this colour on my nails when I went on holiday and loved it. Barry M polishes are really good and I really like the finish they give. They're also one of the very few I've tried which don't chip on my nails.

Excuse my ugly foot and lazy nail painting effort..!
Another polish I have which ties in with the trend is a nude polish- Frozen Fantasy from Estee Lauder. I got this with a free gift ages ago and haven't really used it that much, but I think it's a perfect colour for spring especially if you don't want bright nails. 

So there's my take on the spring trends! Take care x

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  1. Loving the new Spring/Summer looks.

    Sadie x