Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trilogy Purifying Face Mask and Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub Review

Since reading and commenting on Made Up By Hannah's blog post about Trilogy skincare I was contacted by the people at Trilogy and they asked if I would like to review some of their products.

This was pretty exciting as they are the first company to contact me about reviewing products. They sent me a few products, one being a Trilogy product and the others being Dr. Organic and Avene. (I will be reviewing the Avene products at a later date).

So today I am reviewing Trilogy's Purifying Masque and the Dr. Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub they sent me. Please remember that even though I was sent these products, I'm still going to give my honest opinion.

I will start with the Trilogy face mask-

Firstly Trilogy are a skincare company who make products which only contain natural, sustainable ingredients. So they are good for your skin but also don't damage the environment.

Trilogy products contain certified organic Rosehip oil, which is known for it's nourishing moisturising ability.

What it says on the tube: 

''Deep cleansing treatment for blemish free skin. A highly affective treatment to draw away impurities and leave your skin clear and smooth. Helps to minimise pores and settle skin prone to break outs. Combines Kaolin clay to draw impurities with witch hazel extract to clarify and tone, rose geranium oil to sooth and certified organic rosehip oil to nourish your skin''.

The mask comes in a good quality 50 ml tube, and has a simple yet modern feel to it. The text is clear and easy to read, so you can easily find out what the product is for, what benefits it has and what the ingredients are etc etc.

The product has a mild rose smell, I am assuming this is down to the Rose Geranium and Rosehip oil. I don't usually like any product which has a rose smell as I find it a bit too perfume-y, but this was mild and I soon forgot about it.

The product itself is a clay like, creamy consistency, with no exfoliating particles in at all. I like that it doesn't contain exfoliating particles because they can irritate my skin.

The instructions tell me to apply a very thin almost transparent layer, and leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

I found the mask dried quite quickly, in around under 5 minutes which I like because most face masks I have used to take ages to dry which can get annoying.

Once the mask dried I washed it off with a flannel and warm water. My skin felt really smooth and I could tell that it looked a lot clearer, although I could still see my trouble blackheads on my nose. However the next morning I woke up and they had gone and my pores were almost invisible.

This mask de-congested my skin but at the same time didn't dry it out, unlike most masks I have tried where they have left my skin red and flaky. Because of this I really rate this mask. It actually did what it said on the tube! I recommend to anyone with oily or congested skin.

Now onto the Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Scrub...

I have never used Dr Organic products before, but seem to remember them being sold in Boots. I may be wrong, but I have definitely seen them around!

Their products are paraben free, SLS free, with not artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives. They do not test on animals so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This body scrub is said to be anti aging, hydrating and exfoliating, with ''micro particles'' of volcanic lava.

The product comes in a 200ml tube,  and the text is relatively easy to read and understand.

This is a rose body scrub, so of course it smells of roses. As you know I'm not keen on the rose smell, and this has quite a strong scent to it, which I'm not liking!

The product almost feels like a gel, which is rather nice with small sparse exfoliating volcanic particles.

The gel-like feel makes it easy to rub around on the skin, and you don't need a lot of product so I think a 200ml tube of this would last you a while.

I found this scrub to gently exfoliate my skin and leave it relatively soft, however I don't like the smell at all.

This isn't a stand out product for me, and I think there are better exfoliators out there, but if you don't mind the smell of roses and are looking for a gentle exfoliating scrub, this would be good for you.

Have you tried any Trilogy or Dr Organic products?


  1. Great review! These sounds really interested! I'd love to find at product that actually gets rid of the dreaded black heads on my nose!
    Are these sold in high street stores do you know? xx

  2. Thanks Olivia :)

    They are sold in House of Fraser and I think Holland and Barret stock some of their products. Here's a link to their website any way

    Hope that helps! x

  3. thanks for commenting and letting me know your url :)
    I haven't tried any triology products yet but they are at the top of my list!! x