Sunday, January 2, 2011

False Eyelashes Haul

The other day I was in Boots with my friend, looking at the false lashes they had.

I haven't yet worn false lashes out, but have been applying them at home trying to get used to them, and I think I have finally mastered it! 

I think false lashes really polish off a make up look, especially for going on a night out.

Lately I have been buying a few sets of lashes, so I thought I'd share my collection so far!

Nicola Girls Aloud Lashes- These are quite full but natural, and flick out at the ends. I think these are my favourites!

NYC Lashes- These were the first lashes I bought, they are a bit cheap and nasty..and come ''ready to wear'' without any glue- although they aren't very sticky...I have also cut one of the lashes just incase you were wondering!

Eylure Naturalites- Lengthening lashes, these are very long but also quite natural looking. They're weightless and easy to apply

Boots Get Lashed lashes- I really like these and would wear them with 60's style make up

Eylure Individual Lashes- These are great for filling in gaps and creating a natural look ... You can wear these for up to 4 weeks so they're good for going on holiday or the summer. You have to be careful not to use any oils or creams near them though so they could get rather annoying!

NYC Lashes- I bought these along with my other NYC lashes and they are also ''ready to wear''. I would still use glue with these though. They are similar to the Boots Get Lashed ones apart from these are slightly shorter.

So that's my collection, what are your favourite lashes?

PS: Just so you know I have changed the URL of my blog from '''' to ''''  :)

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  1. So many lashes ahh! Haha that's great =) I thought I'd lost you forever when I couldn't find you. Hmm I've been wanting to change my url too, but I'm afraid that my current followers won't be able to find me! Do you know an easy way for followers to find you and keep getting your post updates?