Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mud, Glorious Mud!

Today I'm reviewing Lush's Glorious Mud body mask!

I got this around two weeks ago and have been using it every couple of days.

It's an exfoliating mud mask for your body with rhassoul mud, vanilla and aloe vera.

The smell when I first got this was a really over powering vanilla/chocolate smell but I have got used to it now and it doesn't bother me.

The mask comes as a brown cube and looks like a pumice stone. In order to use the mask you have to put it under running water, where it fizzes up and becomes a mud-mask consistency.

Glorious Mud after about 5 uses (love the picture quality of my new camera!)

If you want your mask to last then I advise to hold it under the water for only a couple of seconds then get all the mask you need and put the remaining back in the packaging, otherwise it will all just fizz away and you will be left with nothing.

This mask makes my skin feel really smooth, soft and clean and I am really liking it! I still have quite a bit left because I'm trying to get as much use out of it as possible!

Be careful however because this can get everywhere.. You'll have to clean the bathroom after using it!

I really like this mask and definitely recommend it :) 


  1. ooh I've been thinking of trying this but not seen many reviews :)
    definately going to pick it up!! x

  2. Definitely go for it, let me know what you think! :) x

  3. Hi Hannah, thanks for my Versatile blog award. I have added it in on my latest post - enjoy

    speak soon xx

  4. Got to love a bit of Mud. I have gone LUSH stuff to review too.. Anyway, how are you lovely? I know that we have similar colour hair and thought for my birthday (next month) to get some subtle hair colour "ombre" style what do you think? I like Fearne Cottons hair at the moment you see...


  5. I'm really good thanks, how are you? Really pleased to hear about your promotion! :)

    Oooh yes I love Ombre hair! I saw a picture of Drew Barrymoore with it the other day too :) Definitely think you should go for it! You going to dye your whole head or keep some lovely red? xxx