Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HAUL and SWATCHES: Clinique + L'oreal

Yesterday I popped into Boots to get Clinique's Clarifying Lotion which is part of their 3 Step System. While I was at the Clinique counter I noticed they had an offer on for 750 Boots Card points if you buy 3 or more Clinique items. So I decided what the heck I'll get 3 things.. here's what I got-

I've always thought toners to be a bit of a con and never quite understood the point of them. But and after a bit of research I think my skin could do with one. Thought I'd go with Clinique as I really like their skincare and already use their Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel.

The Clarifying Lotion sweeps away any dirt or oil that your cleanser has left behind, and helps clogged pores and oil etc.

I got it in number 3 which is for combination/oily skins. I was thinking about getting number 4 which is for very oily skins but after reading reviews people said they found it a bit harsh, so number 3 should be a good middle ground.

The other two Clinique items I got were the Airbrush concealer as I'll be needing a new one soon and the Instant Lift for Brows. 

This is the first concealer I've ever re-purchased, it's so good! 

I've seen Sam at Pixiwoo use the eyebrow pencil in her videos and thought I'd try it out. I like that it has a highlighter with it which is a similar colour to Hush Cream Colour Base from MAC.

Top to bottom- Airbrush Concealer in Fair, Instant Lift for Brows in Soft Blonde, highlight colour.

I also got the L'oreal Volume Million lashes mascara, as I'm nearly out of my Estee Lauder Projectionist and even though this is probably the best mascara I've ever used, at £18.50 it's just way too expensive to keep re-purchasing.

I went with L'oreal because their mascaras are said to be the best out of the drugstore brands, and I liked the look of the brush on Volume Million Lashes.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I really want to try the concealer- I've heard so many good things :)
    I tend to avoid their skin care stuff though as they really irritate my skin!! x

  2. I really recommend the concealer, it's the best one for under my eyes :)

    Yeah, I was reading a lot of reviews on the skincare where it was too harsh for people's skin which is a shame! x

  3. Clinique always has great quality products. I am definitely going to purchase that concealer. Thanks for the advice! :)

  4. I love Clinque - can't live without it!

    Loving your blog, I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:



  5. @ Nadia- I agree, yes go for it :) And thank you for following!

    @ Milly- Ahh thank you, I've entered your giveaway :)


  6. Can you please do a review on the mascara! I would love that! :)

  7. Chic Geek- of course :) I'm actually really liking it so far! x