Monday, January 10, 2011

What To Do With Your Boots £5 off Voucher!

For everyone in the UK reading my blog I thought I'd do a post on how to spend your Boots £5 off voucher.

Boots do these £5 vouchers quite a lot and they are always handy. At the moment they have one out which is valid until the 30th January (I think!).

The voucher is for £5 off any No7 or Ruby & Millie product. 

I sometimes find it difficult on to know what to buy, as I don't use Ruby & Millie products or No7 that much any more.

So here's what I bought with my vouchers (I had two!) 

No7 Quick Thinking face wipes

 I needed more face wipes and thought I'd use my voucher to get some. These are £7 usually but with my voucher I had to pay just £2

I've never bought them before because £7 for 30 face wipes is crazy! They're good wipes but I usually buy Simple wipes and they're just as good.

No7 Lip Brush. (excuse the lipstick on the end of the brush!) 

I have been after a lip brush for ages so this was a great opportunity for me to get one! This is usually £6.50 but I had to pay just £1.50 so very happy with that purchase! 

I've also noticed that they have No7 Eyelash Curlers for £6.50 so if you're in need of some eyelash curlers you could use your voucher and they'd only be £1.50.

So that's what I got, maybe it's a help to you if you're stuck on how to use your voucher.

I also got a new camera the other day so my pictures will be much better quality and you might see the odd video from now on!



  1. I really need to get a new lip brush!
    Getting a new camera is exciting. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. congratulations on the new camera! I love brushes, what a fun way to spend a gift card :)


  3. I love the facewipes, my favourites!!

    Sadie x

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